Sunday, June 12, 2011

Are We Living Life Naturally?

Feeling deeply hurt but still need to keep smiling, just because you are apprehensive about your partner's reaction if he sees you upset, in fact if he sees someone seeing you upset with HIM! Welcome those you have many times hurt your feelings indirectly, done irreparable damage to your self respect, just because it is your family custom and you are the so called D-I-L, but need to cover your DIL(heart) with the load of customs, respect, traditions and values.

How many situations are there in your life that you have lived it artificially? How many such moments are there when you are not yourself, but you are what the world wants you to be or may be your family? In fact many, many such. But, that is life. Life would never have been life if everything was natural and joyous. The thing is to train our minds to wish what the situation demands then you will not have to suppress YOURself!

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