Thursday, December 19, 2013

Coming Out Of The Comfort Zone

There are times when you need to come out of the routine rut and move towards a new path. From the last two years I have been writing content from home. My work from home jobs gave me a cozy life wherein I used to relax whenever I needed to. I am still doing that guys... but now enough is enough. I have got a job interview. The job profile is a bit complex. It entails me to take on more responsibilities. A role in which I am supposed to understand the products and write all the content right from the scratch.

Now for me its all about exiting the comfort zone and entering the discomfort zone. I didn't like the idea before. However, it is a great opportunity for me to grow. It is the discomfort zone that reveals the strengths in you and challenges you to go for higher aims in life. On Saturday I will be going for the interview. Let us see how things work out. Will I get a chance to enter the discomfort zone? Only time knows the answer.

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