Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength

How many times you have said your word and got your work done? Perhaps, almost all the time. But, there are certain situations where the spoken word goes unheard. When everything we speak is misunderstood and our point of view falls on a deaf ear or perhaps a deaf mind. It is at this time that this golden word, Silence, gives us the highest returns.

When you speak your word and it fails it is better to give silence a chance because silence has the loudest voice, it pinches the heart and soul of the person. It pierces and penetrates deep into the heart of the other person and brings a change that is forever. If you say something and the person changes it may be to quieten the situation that was becoming noisy because of your words and this change is just effervescent. Whereas silence can have a deep impact on a person.

But, remember my friends it is very easy to say so. It is very easy to think that silence is gonna reward you and so lets be silent. But it is actually an uphill task to maintain the poise in midst of activity. Silence assumes importance when your world is surrounded by turbulence and it is at such times that silence is the most desirable yet most difficult to achieve.

However, whenever the unforgiving moment arises just take a few seconds with yourself and take a deep breath and just think that any outbreak at that point of time will make you end up as a loser. Just think that if you gonna speak then it might just mess things up and not reward the silence you had been keeping at the most difficult times.

Years may pass on, words may not reward you but silence will. Remember silence is the loudest scream! So just Shhhhhhh yourself!

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