Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Power Of Positivity

There are times when you feel down and out and think that worse is going to happen. Negative feelings occupy our mind and we feel our world is going to end. At this time, there is only one power that can help you sail through and that is the power of positivity. In the book, "The Secret", the author describes how positive feelings and thoughts can change your life. Constantly, thinking about "What You Want" and NOT ABOUT "What You DO NOT Want" can transform your life.

The main thing we all need to do is if you do not like something change it and if you cannot change it then change your attitude. And, in this sentence lies the solution to all problems. Adopting a positive approach towards life can change your attitude immensely. Let not your mind mull over the negative things or negative people in your life. When you brood over negative things, it reflects in your behavior, it does not keep your inner and outer self in sync. If something or some person makes you feel worthless, then just stop thinking about it or them. Concentrate on the good things you have got in life. Make yourself busy, invest your time in creative and productive things of life instead of thinking about how to control things in your life. Move with the flow but let not negative thoughts creep in. Think about the good things life has give you and be positive about what is going to happen next. Do not expect it to happen but be cool and positive.

Negative feelings can vent out only if you want them to. The moment a negative thought enters your mind, divert your mind towards a positive thought. Positive thoughts will always ensure that you remain cool and will urge to behave in a dignified manner and save you from becoming a frustrated individual. Let us shift our focus from the negative, less productive, disheartening things of our life and, the things that we are not of capable of changing or we do not have control of, to the things/activities that can change our future and make us more confident, poised and successful individuals.

Respect yourself, nurture positive feelings, stop having bitter feelings for anyone, behaved in a dignified manner, keep your cool and life will be easy. Do not chase anything in life, attract it in your life by the Power Of Positivity!


jayesh said...

but every think that i think positive it doesn't happen .and it's u turn happens

Illuminati said...

Tuna jaane aas paas hai khuda!