Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspirational Quotes for the day


This morning I read some really inspiring quotes that motivated me and I thought about sharing them with you. Go through them and have a very nice day!

Within every moment exists the opportunity to change…to change a mood, to shift a perspective to transform what feels like a really bad day into a rather good and sweet day. We get to choose what receives our energy. We get to choose how we want to direct that energy. We get to choose whether or not we react with anger and irritation or with kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. So, maybe choose the reactions that feel better. Choose the reactions that are love. Always. Choose love....

Always choose to heal, not to hurt, to forgive not to despise, to persevere not to quit, to smile not to frown, and to love not to hate! At the end of life, what really matters is not what we bought, but what we built, not what we got, but what we shared, not our competence but our character, and not our success but our significance. Live a life that matters. Live a life that cares… and most of all be Yourself.

Make a decision that , from this moment on , you will never be less than friendly toward yourself.

No more treating yourself like a slave.

No more putting yourself down - ever.

No more negative assumptions.

No more torment over past events that you can't change.

No more ''putting up with'' other people's abuse or unkindness.

No more postponing doing what you love most.

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