Monday, February 20, 2012

The Stark Reality Of Life

Man is always in search of truth and reality. He knows that truth hurts and reality bites but still he wants to know the truth. He wants to know what lies beneath the surface. But sometimes we are not ready to accept it. And this leads to all problems of life. Accepting truth and stark realities of life helps us to lead happy lives. By that way we are not living under an illusion and truth lies ahead of you. You will not be disappointed when truth shows its face or when reality comes on the surface removing the debris of pretense. As one author has rightly said, "People do not change, it is only the masks that fall".

Free to do

Accepting the truth and accepting to live the way he has intended us to live is the key. Trying to change or control things is not going to fetch anything in life. But control on self is possible, so why not divert your energies on that way.

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