Monday, March 12, 2012

To Be Or Not To Be!

During our course of life, there are many things that we come across and there are many things that we intend to change. Our personality undergoes numerous changes. We try to imbibe certain values and try to fit in certain things in ourselves but we are not always successful. We lose confidence in the new values even before we have started seeing the changes that the new values have brought in life. Yes, there would be obstacles in any new path as it takes time to understand it and the impact those values can have in our life. We feel mystified, we feel we will not be ourselves then but we must realize one thing that in order to bring marvelous changes in our lives we need to change ourselves a lot. Just a month or two of implementation will not bring a change at a big level. We need to mold ourselves according to the new values and new agreements with your self.

We read various motivational quotes and inspirational quotes but what we actually need is to look within ourselves, and usher in the changes so that we can be in better control of ourselves instead of searching outside for peace. If we make five agreements with ourselves then there is nothing that can keep us away from the path to happiness. Let us all resolve to follow these agreements each day and see the changes if we stick to it. If we deviate then we shall not blame these agreements that we face in life. These agreements have been derived by Master Don Miguel Ruiz from the Toltec.

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Never make assumptions
  3. Never take things personally
  4. Give your best to whatever you do-Aim at perfection

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