Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quotes For Motivation

Here are some quotes to lift you up! If you like them please leave a comment so that I can upload more such quotes:

Pain is temporary.

I've done my best. Worrying won't help the situation and it won't make me feel any better. I'll let it go now and trust that whatever happens is for the highest good.

You deserve a day where worries don't get in the way of anything. A day where even if some people are insensitive, unkind, you are not going to mind because the blessings you received are far greater than the burdens you experience, Remember stay positive!

If you are one hundred percent a watcher, then there is no mind -- no sadness, no anger, no jealousy -- just a clarity, a silence, a benediction.~Osho

When life knocks down... get back up. And when life knocks you back down... get back up and knock it to the ground instead. Never give up and never back down.

Sunshine On Life

Never take life for granted, appreciate the gift of life that has been given to you and never feel sorry for yourself because you are strong never weak. When you dream, dream big and when you think, think big. Love truthfully, respect compassionately making your life the most beautiful dream. There is only one you, focus on reinventing the very best of you. Yes you can~Lee Held

Don't be hopeless in any situation. After every dry season, there is a good harvest. After every spell of hopelessness, there is new hope, and after every failure, there is a great success. After every dark night, there is a bright morning.

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