Monday, May 6, 2013

Where The Race of Mars Will Lead The Future of Venus (women)

A culture which does not allow you to grow and leave in peace is not a culture but are chains dragging you behind in the deep holes of poverty, self harassment and many more disintegration of the own human self.

What is a religion or culture for human beings to follow?

a religion to be truly followed if it does not allow humans to live a life of dignity, to live a life of self respect, to live a life of freedom.

Where the human race will reach?

In this 21st century  where we are exploring a different galaxy, finding the new innovative products, growing technology to reach the aliens.and still we find that the the fairer sex has no worth to live with happiness and self respect on her own mother earth with the Man of the Mars still ruling on it.

~ Contributed by Jalpa Trivedi

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Anonymous said...

Really true when will the real freedom comes to women in this world...still the 2/3rd of the fairer sex are toiling under the pressure of the stronger sex.... :(