Monday, May 30, 2011

Change: The constancy of life

Change, the only thing constant in life. How many of you heard this sentence before and have hardly accepted it? We all know that changes are inevitable in life, yet we fail to accept it as a part of life. We get on with the routine of life and when something changes, we feel upset. We always want to go in one flow without accepting the fact that life is replete with changes.

When we embrace change as a part of life, things will be much easier for us. Its not going to be the same every time. Always expect and accept changes. For example, if you are expecting a particular kind of behavior from your boyfriend as he always does that and if suddenly he stops doing that or does it in a different way then thats going to upset you a bit. But, if you accept that change as a part of natural process then, you are not going to be upset.

The better way to embrace changes is to introduce them in your life constantly. Let not routine set in your life. Bring minor changes in your everyday schedule, instead of taking the same monotonous way. This can change your outlook towards change. For instance, take a different route to your office, read a magazine instead of the newspaper, instead of watching T.V take a walk in the park, do not sweat it out at the gym but take a run in the woods etc. Bringing minor changes in everyday life can make you ready to face changes as a part of life.

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